Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm Whole Again

First thing this morning, I was greeted by a wonderful gift. My Bob is home, safe and sound, at last!! I didn't even realize just how much I missed that boy until I saw him today. It was like, all of a sudden, the hole that I didn't even realize was there, was repaired and it felt amazing.

I'm exhausted right now, but I couldn't have had a better day. We spent the entire day playing, laughing, and catching up on what's been going on around here during the time he's been away. After we took Tim to work this afternoon. we went to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for Bob's favorite meal (Southwestern Corn Soup and Mexican Tofu and Spinach Burritos). When we got home, I got dinner started while Bob played on Tim's PSP with Bumpo hanging over his shoulder, just happy to have his bo-bo home. Then. we went down to the pool for a couple hours while the soup simmered. And if that isn't enough, we came home after that to a wonderfully smelling house, laughed and talked some more over dinner, and now my boys are lounging around, trying to fight of the sleep hanging heavily on their eyes. Just another few minutes and I'll officially call it a day for them. But for now, I'm drinking in as much of this as I can.