Friday, November 16, 2007

what to wear?

Winter is one weird season here in the sunny state of Florida. Especially waredrobe wise.

The only thing you can really be sure of is that you won't be going bare armed for a few months, meaning the collection of tank tops, which are a necessity in the summer, won't be worn alone. However, they do look awfully cute layered underneath a sweater, providing the perfect amount of. . . . warmth. . . for a day of shopping in a hot stuffy mall.

Everything else isn't so easy, however. The t-shirts, Bermuda shorts, and flip flops that make up my entire summer look, still come in handy on the warm 80+ degree winter days. Along with the jeans, cute little dresses, and sandals for the cooler, yet still warm weather. Then, you add the sweaters, other long sleeve shirts, and jackets (because let me tell you, I love me some jackets, a girl can never have enough) for the cooler days, and my closets and dresser drawers are bursting at the seams.

I've already moved Tim out of another two drawers in our bedroom to make room for my expanded collection and I'm threatening to take another. The poor man will be living out of laundry baskets before the season is over!

Especially since there is nothing I love to buy more than clothes at this time of year. So many options. Layers! Long sleeves! Jackets! Boots! So much to play with and only about three months, less than that, really, once you factor out all the "seasonably warm days", to do it in!

Speaking of which, I better get a move on things, time's a tickin'.