Friday, February 29, 2008

so sick

Well, it finally caught up to me.

After a week of taking care of the little sicklings, they've managed to pass their bugs on to me.

So, here I sit, with my head in a terrible fog, trying to think of what in the world I need to do next.

I have a stuffy nose. Hives are irritating my already irritated throat. I wheeze when I breathe because of it. My body aches. My head pounds. My stomach promises to reject any amount of food or liquid that I try to force upon it. Keeping my airways open has become my number one goal for the evening, instead of getting this house unpacked, which was my original goal.

This sucks.

Now, for the best part, I'm a single parent for the rest of the night.

Don't you feel sorry for me, yet?

Have I whined enough?

Just another reason I love the 'hood. . . .

. . . Parenthood that is.