Friday, July 03, 2009

a rough week

So, we had an unexpected problem this past week. Jacob, stole some money from me, went across the street to buy a soda, (during a time when he was supposed to remain in the house, I might add), and accidentally spilled said stolen soda all over my dear mac.

Now, you may remember. . . . actually, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it. . . . anyway, a few years ago, I made the mistake of trying to type on the same computer and drink a glass of orange juice at the same time. Anyone who knows me knows where this story is about to go. . . I ended up spilling about half a glass of very pulpy orange juice in to a very open computer. I thought it was a goner for sure. But, to my surprise, after Tim snatched it out of my hands, ripped the battery out, and turned it upside down to dry for a week or so, it worked. That was the day I became a mac customer for life, I might add.

Well, the other day was a little different. This time, we weren't there when the spillage happened. To make matters worse, Jacob didn't bother to tell us he had spilled anything on the computer. Nor did he bother to try to clean it up. He just hid my dear mac and went on about his day as if nothing had happened. A few hours later, I noticed my poor apple, shoved into a corner, covered in a syrupy substance. Then, when I went to pick it up, the same brown liquid oozed from the vents on the bottom of the computer. I don't think I've ever been so mad at my son in my entire life. It wasn't just the fact that he had, quite possibly, destroyed a $4000 computer, but that, coupled with the fact that he lied, and stole, and then didn't have the courage to own up to his mistakes, put me over the edge. Luckily, Tim was there and stepped in to take care of the situation. He once again set the computer up to air out for a few days.

Today, we attempted to restart dear abused mac, and to both of our surprises it works like a charm!!! Jacob was so happy, he started crying and I wasn't far behind. The idea of loosing six years of photos was devastating to me. Not to mention all the hard work we've done on our sites is on here, not backed up anywhere else. If I needed a wake-up call, that was it. I'm heading out in about a month to buy a new mac, (not that I don't love this one but because of the torture it's had to endure, the cd drive doesn't work anymore) and start backing up all the important information we have stored on this puppy. That way, when this dear baby does decide to go, it won't be such a devastating blow to me, my children, or Timmy.

Here's hoping she sticks around for years to come, and that her final death will be one of old age, and not some other sugary, acidy substance seeping it's toxic liquid into her beautiful, yet abused, body.


Immortal Woman said...

Your mom's birthday, i think it was the 15th. I do not know what made me suddenly remember it but I did. If I am right tell her I remembered.