Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lazy Day

I love days like today. Very relaxed, low stress days. With this family they are so few and far between but today was one of them. My husband and I had the luxury of enjoying a morning alone together since the grandparents had the kids overnight last night. So we were able to sleep in late (something that just doesn't happen around here). Then we went and picked up the kids went window shopping at a strip mall in town and had lunch. Then spent the rest of the day window shopping which included a stop in Petco where they just happened to have the cutest little cat up for adoption. The poor thing was scared to death but very sweet. I really wanted to get her but we just can't have another cat right now. Plus, there is no telling how Dori would react to her. Hell, Dori is jealous of the computer. But the good news is, she's at a no-kill shelter and has a foster home where she doesn't have to live in a cage all day so that made it a little easier to say no. I know if it hadn't been a no kill we would have taken her in a second. It was so hard to turn our backs on here but I feel certain she will find a permanate home soon.

Now it's early evening, the kids are playing quietly and my oldest son is anticipating his day at school tomorrow. I need to give him a haircut before he heads off to bed which means he'll have to take two baths tonight (one to get his hair washed because of the sand and dirt from yaya and boppa's today and the other to get all the hair off) which I'm sure he won't mind. I love cutting his hair. Both my sons and husband for that matter. I know I can do just as good a job as the local hair cuttery without paying anything. Now if I could just find someone to cut my hair. . . . Don't think it will be anyone in this household.

It's days like today that make me realize just how lucky I am. I have good health, and the best family anyone could ever ask for!