Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day

It seems like whatever I plan out for my husband this year my plans are ruined by one thing or the other. It's so frustrating.

My first plan was to take him to Ft. Lauderdale to a very upscale vegetarian restaurant called Sublime. We were to leave today, drive down there, eat at Sublime, stay in a nice hotel overnight, then drive home tomorrow. Well, turns out Sublime is still closed from one of the hurricanes from last year because of roof damage so that plan was ruined.

Then I had the idea to just plan some really special stuff around here that we never get a chance to do. There are so many nice places to stay here in Saint Augustine and we never take advantage of it because we live here. So, I made reservations for a suite at this very nice little inn downtown and then I planned on making him go for a scavenger hunt around town at places that mean something to us in some way or another. Then he would meet me at the inn, we'd go to dinner, and then go on a helicopter ride around the city. Then tomorrow I planned on us waking up and taking a schooner cruise. It would have been perfect. But, then my in-laws got sick and are unable to watch the kids, so that idea died.

Then, I figured okay, enough with the plans just get the guy a gift. So, I ordered this cell phone he's been dying to have for forever now. Well, I just got an email telling me they are no longer in stock. AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Now I'm back at the beginning with no idea what to do for him. Guess I should be off to the wonderful World Wide Web where somewhere I will find the phone of my husbands' dreams and maybe Mary Poppins offering her services for free.