Saturday, February 11, 2006

What is up with this world?!!

Okay I am going to warn anyone who might read this right now, this is going to be a huge post of nothing but bitching, moaning, and groaning about everything that is wrong in the world. . . well, my world at least. ;o)

First one being Our Wonderful President: Okay I hate the man. Him and his beady little eyes totally creep me out. Not to mention he's money hungry and selfish. I just can't believe so many people still think he's so great. I mean, they think Clinton was terrible because he cheated on his wife and then lied about it. I think he did the right thing by lying about it on national tv. It's an embarassing situation that deserves to be dealt with at home, NOT in the public eye and drfinately NOT in court. I could go on and on about or not-so-wonderful president but I'm afraid of our house being raided by the wonderful government.

Onwards to Men: Mainly my husband. I mean I do love the man but he drives me crazy sometimes. Like today. . . here I am sitting at home, trying to get some housework done (okay, I'll be honest, I was on the computer) and about to start dinner. Here he calls to ask me if I'll run clear across town in my gas guzzeling SUV to pick up some lettuce for him. He's at work, a place full of a lot of other people with cars, yet he calls me. So I have to run across town to pick up lettuce for his store and then run over to the island and give it to him, in the rain with my two kids at that! And his reasoning. . . he couldn't afford to have any of his crew gone to run the errand. So instead of the inconvenience to himself he chose me! I guess he thinks the house gets clean on it's own and we don't eat dinner unless he's here.

Speaking of Gas: Okay I'm not going to complain about the price, because we all have to pay these terrible prices but what is up with gas stations without the little doohicky thing that you press down while your getting gas so that you don't have to stand there and hold the pump the entire time? I love that little thing! I actually get excited when I find a gas station with those thingys. They seem to be so far and few between around here. So, I'm stuck trying to shove the gas lid under the little thing to hold the lever down instead most of the time. Which was easy with the Saturn but with this car it's a lot more difficult since the thing is attached.

Chores and Kids: I am so sick of trying to get these kids to do their chores. For some reason they think they are above it. Their chores are easy. Bumpo has to pick up his toys and put them away and he's only allowed to get one toy or group of toys out at a time. That's it. Yet he can't manage to do that half the time. Then there is Bob. He's seven so his chores are a little more involved. He has to empty the dishwasher, keep his room clean, make his bed, and empty the trash. Again, not a lot and very doable yet he never manages to get it done. He hasn't gotten allowance in weeks because he can't get it done and even that doesn't seem to bother him. GRRRRRRRRR

Then there are my lovely in-laws: I swear the term in-laws must come from some latin word meaning major pain in the ass. They have been sick all week long. Yet she calls me today to see if the kids and I want to come over tomorrow to pick some fruit. Yeah, just what I need. To expose my kids to some illness that has had both of them in bed for a week. Just my idea of a whole lot of fun, two kids sick and whiney for a whole week, and then comes the best part. . . I get it!!! Oh joy, what fun!!! I get to take care of both of them (and probably dh too) and then when I get it, guess who takes care of me?!! ME of course!! I thought of all of this AFTER I was off the phone with them and already commited to going so lets just hope it rains tomorrow!

Okay now that I've gotten that off of my chest I guess I should go and get some housework done so that when Tim gets home he won't wonder what I did all day.