Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day Out With Thomas

~~Wow, I am just now finding the time to write about something we did on Sunday! Where does the week go?!!~~

I received an email from my in-laws earlier last week letting me know that Thomas was in town, or at least in the state (we had to drive about three hours to get there, not exactly in town). The dear husband and I have been dying to take the kids to this since we first learned of it a few years ago. None of us have ever been on a REAL train ride so we were very excited when we found out we'd have the chance to go. Not to mention that both of my dear boys have either loved Thomas (Bob's too cool for him now) or currently love Thomas The Tank Engine.

The day was beautiful. Our tickets for the train ride weren't until 5:00 in the evening so we didn't actually make it to the park until around 4:00. Next time I know to get there earlier because they had a park full of stuff to do. A moon-walk, story time, imagination station, etc. Lucky for us they decided to add a 6:00 train so we had a little more time to enjoy the festivities at the park before we went on the train ride. This was such a nice park. It sits right on a lake in beautiful Tavares, Florida. It was the perfect day with just a touch of humidity but with a breeze that makes it bearable.

The train ride in and of itself was a little disappointing. It was a 25 minute ride and I figured it would be in a big circle around the park or something. Well, I was wrong. All we did was go out on the track about 12 minutes and then they stopped the train and went back the other way. So it was the same scenery both ways, which was a let down for me and the husband. The kids didn't seem to mind which was a good thing, after all we were there for them. Another thing that surprised me was that they didn't even have the Thomas music playing on the train. There was nothing. Just the music alone would have added so much to the ambiance. Once you were inside the train, it was very easy to forget that this was supposed to be Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm just glad that I didn't spend more for the tickets or I would have been even more upset. I did get a lot of great pictures which I will add to this post as soon as I get them off my camera.

All in all we had a great day and it was a great and fun experience for the kids. Best yet, it was an awesome way to end an incredibly stressful weekend.