Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Well, it's here, not that it means much to me except that I have an ex-boyfriend who's birthday is today.

I'm part irish but my irish heritage must be mad at me today. While taking my dear husband to work this morning, (the one who always complains when I go the speed limit) I got a speeding ticket. The officer did go easy on me which I am greatful for. I was going 51 in a 35, didn't have my license on me, and my stupid temorary tag was expired. So, that would have been a pretty pricey ticket had I been sited for every violation I made this morning. But he was nice and didn't site me for not having my license or the expired tag. He just sited me for the speeding and even that he discounted a lot. He wrote that I was going 9 miles over the speed limit instead of the 16 miles over I was actually going which saved me about $100. So maybe I should take back what I said in the first sentance of this paragraph.

So, now instead of staying home and getting some much needed housework done, I have to go out and track down my license plate. It should have been here by now and I was informed that if I continue to drive my car after tomorrow it will be criminal. I guess it's a 2nd degree misdemeanor. So, I'm off to keep my butt out of jail and out of more trouble!!