Thursday, March 16, 2006

Like a Kid Again

There is this dog across the hall that the owners no longer want (well, the wife never wanted it) so they are going to take it to the humane society. The thought of this little dog going there just breaks my heart. See, here in St. Augustine there are awful stories about the place. I've never been in but by just driving by the place looks very run down. Plus, as many people know, if a dog or cat isn't adopted in a few days it is put down which just kills me. It's the cutest little dog. He's tiny and black with a couple brown patches on him. I've always wanted a tiny little dog that I can take everywhere with me and spoil rotten and this may be my only chance to have one.

So, here I am, like I'm 7 years old once again, trying to convince someone that we need to get this dog. Only this time it's my husband instead of my mom.

When I was younger, if there was a stray dog within a 5 mile radius of my house I'd always bring it home to my mom and beg her to keep it. Most of the time she'd give in, even knowing it meant she'd have to care for the thing after about a week because I'd grow tired of the animal. I even remember when I was younger thinking that when I got older all pets would be welcome in my house, I'd have my very own no-kill shelter where pets could go and feel safe and welcome.

Now, I am older, and I've updated my thoughts on the matter a little. This is actually the first time I've wanted a dog since my dear Gerbil died years ago. After her, I never thought I'd want a dog again. She was my dog. My very favorite animal. The animal I compare all others to, and until now, none have measured up. Dori is a great cat, but she's just that, a cat. She is the one who has helped me get over my aversion to animals and the heartache that comes with them. But it's hard to compare a dog and a cat. I can safely say that Dori is the best cat I've ever had. But she still doesn't compare to Gerbil.

So, for the first time in a long time, I'm ready to take on another dog that will be homeless without me. I just have a much more difficult person standing in the way of me and my dog this time. He won't be as easy as my mom was years ago. He let me get away with Dori but that's because he loves cats. A dog to him is like a cat to my family, unwanted and misunderstood. I will try try my hardest though. I want this dog and as he knows, no is always a negotiation with me. I can already tell I'm wearing him down, he even came up with a name for the dog today, Nacho. Cute, isn't it?!! So, I'm halfway there, because everyone knows that you never name an animal unless you want it to become your pet.