Monday, March 13, 2006

To Homeschool or Not? That is the Question.

I've really been struggeling with this new idea to homeschool Bob next year. He is all up for the idea and I really do think I'd enjoy it myself. There is a good chance that the school he is currently attending won't accept him for next year (he's going to a school that's not in our district, it's a better school than the one here) and I really don't want him going to the local school so that's another reason to homeschool. There is also the schedule part of things which I must admit, is very appealing to the whole homeschool scenario. Plus, he's so smart for his age and I already see him getting bored with school which is not something I want for him. I went through it and it isn't a fun thing. You spend most of the year reviewing what you already know and then learn a little towards the end of the year, after you've already trained yourself not to pay attention all year to save yourself from the boredom. Learning is supposed to be fun which is something that I think most of these schools have written out of the curriculum. I also wouldn't have the huge cost every year for new supplies, clothes, etc. He'd still need clothes of course but not the huge waredrobe he has now. So, in the positive category I have convenience, cost, ability to teach him what he wants to learn, no repeating, and an open schedule.

Now for the negatives. . . He wouldn't get the social intereaction with other children. There wouldn't be the extracurricular activities for him to attend and the break I get while Bob is at school would be gone. And I think that's about it for the negatives. However, those things hold an extreme amount of weight. I really think that kids need to learn how to intereact with their peers. It's part of learning about the real world and how things are done out there. However, there are a few groups in Jacksonville for homeschooling families that are NOT religon based. The extra curricular activites might be a problem. He does have soccer which is a big help and I know there are a ton of other things I could get him involved in around here that would allow him to meet other kids and have a good time so there is that. There is the fact that I would never get a break from them though. While this isn't a big worry to me since I have to deal with it all summer long anyway it is a concern. I'm afraid I might just get so sick of the idea that by mid-year I start slacking which isn't fair to Bob.

There are still so many things to consider. But hopefully I can make a decision after more pieces of the puzzle are filled in. I still have a lot of research to do about the laws and regulations for this sort of thing here in Florida and I have to make sure that Bob's current school isn't an option for next year.