Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hurricane Season

Well, hurricane season is about to begin once again. I think the offical start date is June 1, but who knew weather waited for a start date. We've been told that this year will be far worse than last and for us here on the northeastern side of Florida, worse than the year before. Last year this area was very lucky. We didn't get a direct or even indirect hard hit at all. While we were hearing about all the damage that was done by Katrina I have to admit I was relieved that it didn't hit here.

This approaching season has me a bit worried though. It's going to be WORSE than last year, and this time it's going to affect us. Not the greatest things to hear. I think this year we may actually plan for the season and stock up on canned goods, a decent cooler, water, and a back up power supply in the form of a car battery since a generator in an apartment would be a bad combination. I was looking online at the weather expected for this year when I stumbled across this information. And what did I do? Kept reading of course until I got myself worked up enough to write this entry.

Well, since I feel better now that I've gotten that out I am going to put down the computer and run to the store. Better yet, I think we'll have some chinese for dinner tonight.