Friday, May 12, 2006

Rest in Peace my Sweet Girl

You really didn't deserve to die that way. I wish we could have been there for you. I wish we could have told you one last time how much you meant to us. How much you completed our family. I wish you knew we didn't desert you. Most of all, I really wish someone would have gotten you out. I wish we would have come home first to at least say hello to you. I wish you were still here with us.

We barely had you for a year. A year and two days to be exact. You were my first cat, the first pet we shared as a family. You were the only other girl in a house full of boys. We had a bond, I was just beginning to understand you. And worst of all, I had such a strong feeling that something was going to happen to you but I chose to ignore it. I even went out of my way to ask everyone in the house what would happen if you had gotten out the day before we left and still hadn't returned by the time we left. They all said we'd stay home and find you because you were part of our family. Then, you did get out, but I caught you within a few minutes. Then silly me, I thought that was why the huge lump in my throat was there, and ignored the rest of my feelings.

I'm so sorry, Dori. I feel like I failed you. No, I don't feel like I failed you, I did fail you. You were the sweetest cat I've ever seen and we were all so lucky to have known you. You were the boys' first pet and Tim's favorite pet. For me, you were so much. You were the animal that helped me get over Gerbil. I loved you so much, in fact, I can now call myself a cat person, because of you. Now I'm left not ever wanting another pet once again. I know you probably wouldn't want ust to feel that way. I know you're probably shaking your head right now telling us that there is another stray animal out there somewhere that deserves a good home. But how can I consider what we have a good home when we let you down the way we did?

If there is a such thing as reincarnation, I hope you come back to us one day, if only to say hello and let us know that all is okay.