Thursday, May 11, 2006

We Cook Pizza and Pasta

April 10, 2006

That was the name of the restaurant we ate at tonight. Real unique, I know. Surprisingly enough, there weren't many places to choose from. We pulled in to the first place we saw, where we knew we could at least have our usual pizza without cheese, with mushrooms and olives. However, we never expected to find what we found here. . .

We were sitting in the car still wondering if we really wanted to eat here, trying to read the huge menu board from the car because none of us wanted to venture out into the 30 degree weather only to return and then drive down the street and do it again.

Then we saw it, the thing that made me write this entry in the first place, Totally Vegan Pizza. At first, we both thought for sure we had misread it. So, we had to go in and see what it really said because there was no possible way it could really say what we thought. So, we venture out of the car, freeze our butts off, get inside for a closer look and discover that indeed it did say Totally VEGAN Pizza!! I was so excited! Even in Houston, where I know vegetarians are a lot more common we never ran into anything like this. Yet, up in the mountains, in the middle of lodge country, where meat and potatoes are the way of life, is the pizza of all pizzas! It was a sign. No, we would not have to search all night for an over priced, microwaved veggie burger. No we would not have to have yet another order of fries. We would get to eat normal every day pizza, the kind with cheese (or soy cheese in our case), just like we can make at home! It was heaven. Too bad the rest of the night isn't turning out as lucky for us. . .

We never made reservations for a room at the Grand Canyon because we thought for sure there would be plenty of rooms. After all, the temperature for the whole week wasn't supposed to get above 45 degrees. So we figured we'd have no problem finding a room. Boy were we wrong. There is some racing thing in the next town over. So all the rooms are booked. Even big named race car drivers are staying in run down seedy motels because that was all that was available. So, we are stuck sleeping in the car, at the local McDonalds for the night, with a very sick little boy and a whole day of hiking planned out for tomorrow. Hopefuly tomorrow we'll have better luck.