Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh so Beautiful

April 11, 2006

Now I see why the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world. This place is spectacular. Oh so amazing. Bumpo, on the other hand is less than impressed. He isn't doing too well. He was up with a fever a good part of the night and still today the fever persists. He also threw up all over his warm clothing last night. I didn't think the warm clothing would be a big deal seeing as it was supposed to get up into the high 60's today but we never saw the 60 degree weather. We got to the park around 8:00 am and then had to leave shortly there after because it was so cold. Upon which we learned that there was a wind advisory and that the temp probably wouldn't make it above 40. So, we had to go in search of some warmer clothing for my poor sick little bug.

When we returned we did the bus tour through the southern rim and had a great time. The place is amazing. We also did a little bit of hiking but because of Bumpo we couldn't do much without him getting tired. We had a great time with what we did and got to see a ton of different animals along the way.

Now I'm tired and in desperate need of a shower. I don't think Tim agrees that we need a hotel room for the night though. So, it looks like another long night in the car while Tim drives us to our next destination.