Monday, June 12, 2006

The First Named Storm

. . .of the season is upon us. Lets just hope that Alberto goes easy on us. Just yesterday it was being called a tropcal storm, and because it was so unorganized they did not expect it to reach hurricane stength. Then, this afternoon our televisions were flooded with hurricane warnings for the gulf coast. Here we go again.

We are well within the projected path of this thing and while we may not get the hurricane force winds, we'll still get the rain (which is much needed anyway) and very powerful winds (not so needed, with all the forrest fires around here right now). So, I guess I should get off of here and get our house stocked with food, the car filled up, and all the other hurricane prep things I can' think of right now.

It's funny, one thing I've noticed around here is that the first hurricane of the season is like the first snow up north. Everyone panics. Even though this storm isn't going to make a direct hit on us, you better believe the grocery stores will be packed today, along with any gas station in a 100 mile radius. Unfortunetly, I've put off grocery shopping for such a long time that I have not choice but to venture out in the sea of paniced people so that I can get just a few neccesities for us to live on. . . . . That'll teach me.