Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Joys of Starting a Business

Tim: "Did you get any products done today while I was at work?"

Me: " Ummmm, nope. I was too busy *insert excuse here*"

Tim: "Well, how is that going to help us pay the bills?"

Me: "It keeps me sane, therefore I can work later on in the evening with you!"

That's when Tim mumbles some sarcastic response and we start our evening routine. Which currently consists of eating dinner, playing a little with Bumpo, me venturing off to bathe bitty butt, getting him tucked into bed, and sitting down at our respective computers to work the whole night through. Oh the joys of starting one's own business.

It's such an exciting time though. The idea of Tim being free of his typical 10-12 hour days is so awesome that I don't mind the nights of little to no sleep. In fact, I welcome them. After this is all said and done, and our site is up, it will be so worth it. I can catch up on my beauty rest then.

Now don't misunderstand me, I know that even after we get our site up the long work days will continue, but he'll be home. He'll be less stressed over the stupid drama that working with unreliable teens brings. He won't have to deal with snotty customers looking for a free meal. And most importantly, he won't have to serve up another cow, chicken, or pig part for the rest of his life. Which will bring more harmony to his life than any of the other things combined. No more will be the days he battles his conscience over what is more important, what is right for our animal friends, or supporting his family in the best way possible.

For now, I'm focusing on the positives of this new chapter in our life. There will be plenty of time to realize the negatives as time goes on.

(More to come on the nature of said business, and the grand opening in the weeks ahead)