Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Think I See a Light Down There

Well, car problems 2006 seems to be coming to a close. We had to have the car towed over to the dealership today. Yes, the thought of my car being there is a little scary. But, if it means an end to this madness then so be it. I already know that the part we need is a good $750 that, on top of labor, on top of paying the other mechanic for the fuel pump, has turned this endeavor into a mighty costly problem. But, I'm focusing on the good news, and the good news right now is that the end is in sight. Soon enough I'll have my beloved car back and I can stop depending on the in-laws for rides everywhere.

In other news, I had to call in a favor to my mom. She is letting us borrow the money we need for the car repairs until later on this month, when she'll come down to get the money, in PERSON!!! I'm so excited! I have missed my family so darn much and it will be so nice to see her and spend some time with her for a change. It was such a nice surprise when she said that to me.

Now, I have to get this house clean and everything put away for when she gets here!! I'm looking forward to giving this place a once over. Cleaning from top to bottom and getting in all the nooks and crannies I usually scrimp on. She'll be here next week so I guess I should be off of here and get this work done!!