Friday, July 28, 2006

A taste of. . . .


Yep, you probably guessed it, the Durango is all better. Woo-Hoo!! It's been really hard for me to stay at home since it's been fixed. It's like she's brand new to me again, and I want to take her out and show her off!

The worst part about me going out, is that it means I'm spending money. Money we don't have right now. Money that we already spent to get the car fixed. Money that is supposed to be reserved for our rent. But, it is all on good stuff.

*Whispers here* We just won't mention the dinner at Chili's last night. Shhh, be very quiet about that. But we had to celebrate, our car is all healthy again.

I still have to take Bob out for his official school shopping trip. It won't be nearly as big as it was last year but he'll get a few new outfits to christen the new year with. We'll have to buy stuff in phases this year which will probably work out better in the long run anyway, with the way he goes through clothes.

I just realized, I never updated on my decision over the home-school fiasco. Even after the huge post I made about the benefits of it, and how I was leaning towards it. In the end, I decided to NOT home-school Bob.

When we moved (after the fire), we unknowingly settled into the geographical location with the best school in our district. Now the threat of a crappy school is gone. So, I decided to go ahead and let him go to a regular school. He seems excited about it and I know it will make my life easier especially since I don't have to drive across town now to get him to school. In fact, I don't have to drive at all. He can walk his little butt over there, it's right next door. It all worked out in the end. The home-schooling idea is still there, and I may still do that in the future, but for right now, Bob has decided that he really wants to go to a traditional school. As long as he keeps his love for learning, he'll continue to go there.

Bumpo will also be going to school this year. Pre-k to be exact, and he'll be going against my better judgment. He really wants to go and everyone else (read: Tim and the in-laws) think it will be good for him. Bumpo's main reason for going is that he wants to make friends. I just hope he doesn't get sick of this about half way through the year, because here in the great state of Florida, once you sign up for pre-k it's like being in regular school. You can't decide you don't want to do it half way through like most pre-schools. They take attendance and everything. He's excited, but I'm sure going to miss my little guy while he's away, I was hoping to put that part off for another year.

On the good side of things, with both boys gone for three hours a day, five days a week, I'll have a lot of time for myself. Which means, I can do what I want to do. Or more appropriately, clean the entire house without two little pigpen boys behind me messing up what I clean up!! Which in and of itself, makes everything a little easier to handle. Tim won't know what to do, I think the house might actually be clean and stay clean when he comes home from work for a change.

Hmmm, I feel the balance of this house shifting. My boys are getting bigger, they're both going off to school, and no longer will Tim be able to come home and ask me what I've done all day!