Thursday, July 06, 2006

Toxic Rant

So, today I spent my morning at the doctors' office because poor Bob's eye has been acting up again. Turns out, it started in Ohio when he was visiting dear "dad" but nothing was done about it there. Not that I'm surprised. The day Bob got home, Scott (Bob's dad) informed me that his eye had been acting up for a few days before(which I later found out was actually a couple weeks), but they had just put some Clear Eyes drops in it which didn't seem to really work. I told that jerk before he took Bob in the first place that Bob is having severe allergy problems right now and if anything happens to start giving him specific kinds of allergy medicine. NOTHING ELSE!! Anything else could irritate him even more. It's what the doctor had told me, but for some reason Scott thinks he knows better.

Bob's clothes also came home smelling of wonderful fabric softener and scented detergent, AFTER I specifically told him the kinds of detergent and softener to get that would NOT irritate poor Bob. Bob needs the kind that is free of dyes and scents, same goes for the fabric softener. It's not like they are more expensive than the scented kind. Yeah, it means you have to buy two bottles but give me a break, Purex has a "free" detergent that's less than $3.00, not much to spend to keep my poor boy healthy.

And, if that isn't bad enough, Scott also informed me that he isn't sending child support this month because, get this, he doesn't think he should have to since he had him all month! He has him for one month a YEAR which averages out to be just about every other weekend. But for some reason, in his little world this means he doesn't have to pay this month. I don't know why I'm surprised, this is the same person who thought that he didn't have any financial responsibilities for Bob since "I left him". Yeah, like that has anything to do with Bob, I don't think so!!! But that was his excuse for not paying anything for the first four and a half years after I left. Now, anytime he thinks he can come up with anything that remotely sounds plausible he tries it. His excuse is that he had so many expenses this past month with Bob being up there. And since he had to pay for that he shouldn't owe money. We'll just forget that I still have a house to maintain for Bob while he's away, medical bills to pay (which Scott is actually supposed to cover half of), school clothes to buy, soccer sign ups to pay for, school supplies to get, and all the other beginning of school expenses that go along with it. And now on top of that, I had to shell out $75 for a doctor's visit, $95 for eye drops, and another $40 for Singular. Bob starts school at the beginning of next month which means this all falls on this month. I've been pretty darn slack with all the stunts that jerk has pulled but I'm fed up. He's gone over the line. I could go on and on about all the stuff that ass has put me through but it isn't worth it, I just get upset, which gets my kids upset. Bob doesn't need to know what a deadbeat his dad is. He only has to deal with him once a year and for that I am grateful it isn't more. In his own time he'll come to see how useless Scott is and hopefully it will be a less painful journey that way. He already calls Tim dad, because quite frankly, Tim is the only person who treats him like a son. Tim knows him, what he enjoys, and would never dream of wasting an entire month with him, sitting on the couch with a computer in his face the entire time. Which IS what Scott did. Tim has supported him emotionally, physically, and financially as if Bob was his own from day one, no matter what. Which is more than I'll ever be able to say about Scott.

Scott really underestimates just how smart Bob is. To Scott, Bob is just some seven year old boy. That's it, nothing more. What he doesn't know is how inquisitive Bob is. How much he understands, how much he sees, how darn intelligent he is, his wonderful thirst for knowledge, and how much all he wants in this world is for his father to accept him for the person he is instead of just this child that Scott happens to share DNA with.