Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Newest Pet Peeve

First let me start by saying that Tim and I have really been enjoying our mornings alone. In fact, we've even developed a new morning tradition. . . . After we drop the boys off at their respective schools, we head over to a quaint little bagel place here in town. They have the best hummus in the world. However, they have little . . . habits that drive me crazy.

They use gloves when they make the food. Now as someone who has been in the food industry, and been around it because of Tim, I happen to hate gloves. I'd much rather someone use their bare hands to make my food. Why, you may ask? Well, because when people use their bare hands, they are much more aware of germs (they're afraid they'll catch something) and tend to wash their hands a lot more often to get the gunk off that develops when you make a sandwich, or in this case a bagel. However, when gloves become involved, people tend to think that the thin layer of rubber or latex or whatever it happens to be, protects the food from everything. I've been witness to some pretty disgusting things that people do when they have these invincible gloves on. Including, smoke a cigarette, clean off all the tables and chairs in a restaurant, empty the trash, take money from a customer, and many other things I don't want to think about anymore. Then, they go on to make someone's sandwich, with the SAME pair of gloves. It's disgusting. And I'm positive it isn't up to health code.

Now, you may wonder why in the world we continue to go to this bagel place. Well, we really, really like the bagels there. Plus, we like to think that right before we get there they always put on a fresh set of gloves. Wishful thinking, I know but so far I haven't come down with any unreconizable diseases. Plus, it makes for some interesting conversation between Tim and I.

Today, however was a different story. The guy making our bagels almost made us give up our new found routine for good. He was in the middle of making our bagels when he bent down to get something out of the fridge, and knocked over the pickles. Well, he then went and got a dustpan and some napkins to clean it up. After he was done, we watched very closely to make sure he changed his gloves. He changed ONE glove, the glove holding the napkins. Then he went back and proceeded to make our sandwiches with one clean glove, and one dirty dustpan glove. That was the last straw. We pulled the cashier over, told her what had happened and had her make sure he changed his gloves. The guy was a little perturbed, but hey I wasn't going to eat a dustpan bagel, that's for sure. I paid for it, and gosh darn it I don't need to be at Burger King to have it my way!