Friday, August 11, 2006

One Down One To Go

August 4, 2006

Do you hear that? It's the sound of moms all around north-east Florida breathing in a sigh of relief as we reclaim our weekdays!

I have to admit, I enjoyed this summer with the boys immensely, and I'm sad to see our days of lounging at the pool limited to the weekends now, but a part of me is also happy to have that routine thing down again. Plus, Bob was so ready to go this morning, so that made things a lot easier.

He's excited about this upcoming year. In fact, today, after school, he came home and told me that today was his best day at school, EVER. Which is a huge deal for a little boy who just a day ago said to me "Mom, I'm not going to like this new school, I just know it". Granted, that was right after we ran into his best friend from his old school at the grocery store. And, since Bob is usually a one best friend at a time kind of kid, I guess I can understand his concern. Luckily, he's overcoming that hurdle, and has realized that you can have all kinds of friends, from all over the place and you'll still be A OK! That boy is such a trooper, in the end he handles change so darn well. Gosh knows, his life has been full of it.

We also found out yesterday that he's going to have two teachers this year. Some job sharing thing that this school does on occasion. Bob will have one teacher for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday and Friday he'll have his other teacher. When I first heard about it I immediately thought the worst. My main concern being that I want to make sure that these teachers are still interested in teaching, and not just concerned about giving up their all important paycheck. But I can see some awesome benefits from this if everything goes the way it should. So, I think I'm going to give this whole idea a try before I voice any concerns about the situation. If Bob is happy and still interested, then I'm happy.

Well, I guess I shouldn't spend my entire day on here filling up my blog with my endless chatter. I have another boy here and I want to make his last day home from school enjoyable since he'll also be entering the world of education come Monday.