Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Week In Review

Okay, so it's been over a week since I've posted. Time has been flying by lately and I haven't had much time to breathe, let alone get five minutes to get on here and post. So, I got this idea from a fellow blogger and I love it. Lets see how it goes, my mind is still running about a million miles a second and I'm trying to play catch-up! Here is my very fast, very scattered week in review:

  • Mom has come and gone.Her visit was great. We all had a great time and the boys loved having her here. She also got me inspired again to do the things I love but didn't think I had time for anymore. Watch for my Thursday Thirteen dedicated to her.
  • The in-law problems still refuse to go away. I swear I have the worst MIL in all the land. I'm sure I'll be blogging about this in an upcoming post but for now I need to let my brain rest. I've come to realize, this is an ongoing issue that will probably never go away.
  • The boys are both loving school. Bob had his open house and Bumpo went on his first field trip. Both incredibly awesome days. I'm so happy with the way this school year is going.
  • I've had a backache for the past two days thanks to my loving bed hog husband, Tim. He has a habit of sticking his elbows into my back while we sleep. I usually wake up and shove him over but for some reason his elbow kept incorporating itself into my dreams and I didn't wake up this time. Leaving me with a very sore back.
  • My house is finally starting to look like a home. I've managed to get a lot of little projects done lately. Including finally getting all the fire remnants sorted and put away. I actually have a dining room now! Now all I need is a table and some chairs!
  • I've been coming up with art projects to fill the walls around here. I have everything planned out for the bedroom and just last night came up with a wonderful art project for the big blank wall behind the couch in the living room. Now all I need to do is buy the canvas for each and the paint. Then I'm good to go!
  • We found out for sure that my dad will not be moving down here. It was a disappointment because I miss my family so much. In the end, I'm sure he made the right decision though. As long as he's happy I can live.
  • We've been discussing moving back to Houston. Tim and I have been looking at houses lately and have come to realize that the cost of houses around here is asinine. You can't even buy a shack (and I mean shack) for less than $150,000 in this county anymore. And for the kind of house Tim and I want the price is heading into the high $200K to low $300K. Not something we want to take on at this point. Houston on the other hand, is a lot more affordable. We could buy two nice houses for the price of a "Handy Man's Dream" here.
  • I've been working on redoing the boys' room. I hate the way it is now. There are a million things I'd like to try in there. Now all I need is the time and money.
  • We're trying to get Bob signed up for soccer. Somehow we missed the sign-up this year. I have no idea how we missed the darn sign-ups. Last year they were advertised like mad around the city. This year there was nothing. We didn't even know the season had started until his coach from last year called and asked us if we wanted to be on his team again this year. So, after calling the registrar we were told that there is no more room for poor Bob. But that he'd look into it anyway. Hopefully we'll hear something soon
And that's it for my week in review. I know there are things I'm forgetting but right now I don't have time to sit and try to remember. I have boys play with, clothes to wash, and a house calling for my creative side.