Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Boy's a Little Nutty

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Bumpo is an incredibly picky eater. He's the weird kind of picky though. He likes everything I make. It's just that sometimes he doesn't "feel" like having what I make. He has a tendency to let his overactive imagination (which I absolutely love, by the way) control what he eats.

A couple weeks ago he wouldn't eat anything other than bananas. That was his Curious George "I'm a monkey" stage. Before that it was veggie burgers and fries. Nothing else. Every single freakin' night he'd get upset if I made something else for dinner and wouldn't really eat. I'm not sure what that phase was, but I'm so glad that one is over.

Now it's nuts. He loves nuts. Any kind, any form. I have. . . er I mean HAD, a nice assortment of nuts in our pantry for baking, and within the last week Bump has managed to devour them all. Almonds for blueberry cookies, gone. Walnuts for banana nut bread, gone. Pistachios for. . . . oh yeah, those were just for me, gone. Cashews for some kind of Asian dish I wanted to try, gone. And so on and so forth.

The kid is nothing if not thorough. He is currently pretending to be a squirrel. So I guess this is his "I'm a squirrel" phase. The night before last, all he wanted was walnuts. Then last night, he settled for walnuts and fruit from McDonald's.

This kid is a riot. He really gets into his play and I so love that about him. I'm just lucky that he picked something healthy like nuts this time and not his fall back favorite, fries.

Ah, motherhood doesn't get much better than this. . .