Monday, October 09, 2006

This -N- That

So, I've really been slacking at this blogging thing as of late. The truth is, my life is in a rather boring rut right now. Things are busy, don't get me wrong, but not in an eventful kind of busy.

Tim's been working like mad leaving me to care for the two rugrats alone, day in and day out. Granted, he's living a pretty stressful life right now so I'll take the single parenthood any day over what he's dealing with. It just doesn't make for interesting/upbeat blogging. The kids and I miss him and can't wait for things to calm down.

I've been doing really well with making a budget every month, however I have not been able to stick to it. Not. Even. Once. Which has gotten me quite down. With Christmas right around the corner I need to buckle down and get to it. Although that's always way easier said than done.

Speaking of Christmas, I've been trying to come up with inexpensive, homemade type gifts to give the extended family this year. I'm pretty sure I have the in-laws covered. I think I'm going to make them a cookbook. It's pretty easy to do one for them, since they are vegetarian as well. Lord knows I have plenty of recipes. That's basically a gift for my mother-in-law though. Still not sure about my FIL. I had something rattling around in my head for him a couple weeks ago but never wrote it down, so it fell out. I think I have everything picked out for my mother, none of which is homemade though. Now I just have my dad and siblings to worry about. Hmmm, maybe the homemade idea isn't going over as well as I had envisioned after all.

I have a few other posts planned but I'm not even sure if I'll get to them or not. I haven't said much about my dear Bob's birthday, or Bumpo's first THREE field trips, or the fact that the weather here in Florida is actually enjoyable again, which has accounted for part of my absence. There's something to be said for a beautiful sunny breezy day, a comfy swing, and a good book. All of which I plan to cover extensively in their own posts.

So, that's basically my life right now. Told you it wasn't very eventful. But check back, I'm bound to get back in the swing of things at some point. With pictures included. . . .