Thursday, October 12, 2006

A New Kind of Homework

Bob brought home a new bug on Tuesday. Not the creepy crawly kind, not the cute artsy kind (if there is such a thing), but the infectious, miserable kind.

This bug strikes suddenly and without warning. It works best when you're about 40 minutes from home on the interstate. It crawls into your stomach and wriggles it's little self around in there until you just can't take it anymore and have to expel the annoying little creature, then it hangs on for dear life.

Two days is what it took for healthy, never sick, Bob to get rid of the critter. Unfortunately, Ms. Stomach Flu didn't go far. It wriggled it's way into little Bumpo's system instead.

Bumpo is having a much harder time expelling the little devil. And believe me, he's tried, and tried, and tried. . . . and tried. Still nothing, well actually A LOT of something, but nothing along the lines of relief. She's hanging out in there, reproducing as we speak. Her devil spawn have found their way into my stomach as well as dear Tim's internal command center.

Have I mentioned that there is nothing worse than being sick, and having a sick family as well? Well, if I haven't, I'll take the opportunity to do so now.


I've washed so many sheets, towels, blankets, pj's, pillows, and stuffed animals in the past few days that I am actually afraid to see what my next water bill is going to look like. Not to mention the number of times I've had to scrub out the sinks, the toilet seats and rims, the carpet, and the last but certainly not least, the ever important puke bucket. Blech!

This would be bad enough if I was healthy, but when even the site of puke makes me gag, you can imagine how hellacious these past few days have been.

Well, that's it from this household, for now. Hopefully I can get some rest in before my next meeting with the ceramic bowl, which I'm sure, one way or another, isn't too far away.