Saturday, November 11, 2006

Life lessons from a 4 year old

This evening, while running errands around town, I had the pleasure of engaging my dear Bumpo in the following deep conversation. . .

"Mom, do you know where Zoe lives?" Bumpo asks from the backseat.

"Nope, sure don't." I respond, more than a little interested. "Why?"

"Because Bob helped me make this card for her and I want to give it to her." He responds.

"Zoe? What happened to Morgan" I ask him, curious to see where this conversation goes. (Morgan has been his biggest and constant preschool crush from day one.)

"Mom, you know, if your girlfriend won't play with you anymore, it means that you kept her being your girlfriend, a secret for too long." He answers, like what he's just reveled should be old news for someone my age.

. . . Hmmm, somehow he's so innocent yet, so darn accurate.


Sphincter said...

Well, it sounds like that Morgan doesn't know what she's missing.
Cute story!