Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday #1


In my house, we have a major problem with socks. Between the boys and my dear husband, I find socks everywhere. Which in turn, makes mating socks a pain in the neck. I've tried everything from safety pinning them together, to only buying certain brands of socks for certain family members, to threatening the lives of dear toys if socks weren't put in a certain location. Nothing ever worked. I still spent way too much time hunting for socks before the wash, then even more time mating them afterwards. It had become a weird obsession of mine.

Now I think I've come up with a solution that really works for me:

I have a sock bin (just a small basket) that sits above my washer and dryer. Whenever I have those few socks left over, I just throw them in there. Then, when the basket gets full, or I'm sitting down to watch an evening show, I'll pull that basket out and mate those socks. The ones that still don't have mates get tossed back in the basket for the next time. If I notice that a certain sock has been in there for an extended amount of time, I'll toss it, or better yet, set it aside for an art project for the kids. You'd be amazed at the amount of projects kids can come up with using a mismatched sock!


Kathleen Marie said...

Excellent idea! Those tub socks make cute snowmen by the way! Ha!