Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Festive Halloween

Yeah, yeah I know, I'm a little late. And to think, I was really going to try hard and post every day this month too. Ah well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

However, I can vow to post every day for the REST of the month, right?

Anyway, on to the Halloween festivities. . .

We had a very festive season this year. Between the trip to the Pumpkin Patch for Bumpo's field trip, the Fall Festival at Bob's school, the Halloween parade for each of them, carving pumpkins with the in-laws, attempting to make our own festive chocolates, and last but not least, trick or treating, this was a very busy Halloween.

The Pumpkin Patch was awesome, especially for a four year old. They hold it every year here at a church downtown and all the volunteers dress up and read stories to the kids or play games. Bumpo had a great time, especially when he found out he'd be able to pick out his very own pumpkin.

Then there was the fall festival. We've gone to the Fall Festival every year since Bob has been in kindergarten but I have to say that his new school's version is way cooler than the old school. At the old school, they tried very hard to make sure everything was homemade, including the activities for the kids. I, as an adult, really enjoyed that quality about it. However, when you are a kid looking for some excitement, there are only so many times you can dig through a kiddy pool full of sand looking for buried treasure, before you're ready to call it a day.

At his new school, they still had a lot of the homemade elements, but also had three moonwalk type things. A slide, an obstacle course, and a regular bounce house. Both of the boys were in pure heaven.

At Bob's school they also do something else that I find really cool. Instead of just having a general Halloween parade, they make it a book character parade. Each child has to do a book report and are able to dress up like a certain character from the book. This year, Bob went as a ninja from the book "The Magic Tree House: Night Of the Ninjas".

Bumpo, had a huge party at school for Halloween complete with his very own parade. Then, they were able to go trick or treating around to the other VPK classes.

Then, that night we had the in-laws over for some ghost chips and sand"Witches", then we were off to trick or treat.

I loved getting into the spirit this year. It was so much fun and I know me being excited about everything made my boys enjoy everything so much more.

I just hope Halloween was nothing, compared to what Christmas has in store for us.