Monday, December 04, 2006

MIA Yet Again

Wow, where did November go? It's like I blinked and it disappeared! So much has happened and my mind is just a jumbled mess right now. So, I think the best thing to do is a big recap of my time away from this here blog. . .

  • Right after my last post, Tim and I spent a good 40 hours straight, inside Wal-Mart in anticipation of the new Playstation 3 that was just released. Our time was well spent however, we walked away with one PS3 at midnight and picked up our second the next day! We're not keeping either. In fact, we've already sold one and plan on selling the other, to fund Christmas, in the upcoming week. Talk about a weird couple of days! I never thought I'd have a story about how I slept on the floor at Wal-Mart to pass down for generations to come.
  • Our Thanksgiving was pretty nice. We had to spend it with the in-laws but for once things were pretty uneventful on that front, which is a good thing. However, Bumpo and I were both sick. Tim and I had been up with him the night before and had even taken him into the hospital in hopes of a breathing treatment. However, we were sent away with a prescription for an antibiotic, a steroid, and an inhaler. None of which did a thing. We were still up every other hour with poor Bumpo in the bathroom, shower running trying to get his throat to open up. Have you ever tried to get a four year old to use an inhaler? Let me tell you, it ain't an easy thing!
  • We had to take Bumpo back to the hospital on Thanksgiving. He wasn't doing any better and his temperature refused to go down. So after having a temp of 102 for a day straight we gave it another go. This time, it paid off. The awesome doctor that was there the very first time Bumpo had a problem was there again and gave him the breathing treatment he so desperately needed. He also sent us away with a nebulizer. Which enables us to give Bumpo his breathing treatments at home now when he needs them and hopefully will eliminate those awful middle of the night trips to the hospital.
  • Right after Bumpo and I got sick, Bob also came down with the same thing. A combination of Croup and Bronchitis. My poor Bob missed the entire week of school last week, and let me tell you, that isn't like him. That boy is never sick. He was so miserable. Luckily, a lot of rest and relaxation later, he's back at school and mostly healthy again. He still has a lingering cough and called today to let me know he threw up after running around on the playground but all in all, he's on the mend.
  • I am also better now. Although my voice is still a bit horse which makes yelling at the kids a bit challenging, not that they mind.
  • In more exciting news, we have added two new members to our family. Their names are Odo and Maddie and they are the most adorable kittens ever! We got them from one of the teachers at Bumpo's school last week and I must admit that I think they are just what this house needed. (even though I go through moments of "oh my gosh, what in the world were we thinking TWO CATS! I don't even like cats!") The boys are over the moon in love with them and I can already tell it's helped them in grieving my sweet Dori. She is still (and will always be) the best cat ever. I miss her.
  • I am so behind on my Christmas shopping. I think I have one thing for each kid and that is IT! With everyone being sick for the last two weeks, it has really put me behind. I wasn't even able to venture out for the Black Friday sales! This is the first year since I've been 16 that I haven't made it out. I need to find the time soon, before all the good toys are gone, to get out there and get everything done.
  • Speaking of gifts, I have no idea what I'm getting Tim this year. He's always impossible to buy for. Everything on his list is either stuff we don't have room for, or is so outrageously expensive that I'd blow our entire holiday budget on his gift alone. He does not make this gift giving thing easy, that's for sure!
  • My darn in-laws are being a pain about Christmas. They want us to go over there for Christmas day, instead of them coming over here like we've done every single year since we've been back. It really irritates me that she continuously tries to manipulate every single holiday. Every time it's because some animal of theirs is sick and they have to be there to give the poor thing medicine every hour, on the hour. The excuse is getting really old. Luckily, Tim has agreed to tell them that we are having Christmas day here, no exceptions. That they are welcome to come over in the morning to watch the kids open gifts, and stay for brunch but that we are NOT leaving the house on Christmas day. She's more than welcome to do Christmas Eve there but that's about the only sacrifice we're willing to make. I'm sick of these stupid games she tries to pull. It's about time we put our foot down!
  • We are planning on getting our Christmas tree today. I can't wait. This house is still so empty and bare feeling and I'm hoping that the Christmas tree and decorations will put some much needed life into this place. We've been shopping for ornaments off and on and have found some really cute ones that I can't wait to see on the tree. I also have some craft ideas to do with the kids once they're out on their winter break. I can't wait! Nothing says Christmas more than a house full of kid made crafts!
Okay, I think that's about it! I'm all caught up. Now I just need to get this house back in order. I'm in the process of sanitizing every square foot of this place. We've been sick too much lately and it has to stop! I also have Bumpo's preschool pictures to take, our holiday pictures to take, Bob's school pictures, and of course pictures of our adorable furry friends to get to. Wow, I don't see life slowing down much until after the new year.

I promise, I'll try to find more time to blog though! I love this time of year!