Friday, January 19, 2007

Amazing Race

So, I'm sure most of you know about the show The Amazing Race. Well, my dear husband and his step-father decided to try out to be on the upcoming season (season 12, I believe). I'm really hoping they get on, not just for the money but I think it would be good for both of them. Maybe Steve will wake-up and realize he doesn't deserve to be treated the way his wife treats him. Not to mention, all the amazing places they'll get to travel.

If they do get on, it will be interesting to watch them interact with one another. They don't have the greatest relationship in the world, but the relationship they do have is solid. They're both extremely hard-headed, and Steve is a big coward when it comes to anything to do with heights, eating disgusting food, not getting enough sleep, stress, etc. Not the best things to suck at for this game, if you know what I mean.

Tim on the other hand, he's also hard-headed, but he thrives under pressure, doesn't let his fear of heights scare him, and is used to being sleep deprived. The only thing I worry about with him is eating the disgusting food (or any meat for that matter). With both of them being vegan, that is the only kind of challenge they'll struggle with. Luckily, they didn't try out for Survivor, or even worse, Fear Factor so even if they do encounter eating challenges, they (hopefully) won't be as frequent or as disgusting.

I'm really hoping they get in. Tim's pretty sure his boss will give him a leave of absence for the time period he'll be gone (which will be during the month of June and part of July) and since Steve is a school teacher, he'll also be out during this time period.

A month without Tim around will be interesting, not to mention hard. But it will be all worth it if he comes home with the million dollar prize.

. . . .Or, even if he comes home with lots of cool stories.