Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My new blog and other updates

Well, I went and did it, I started my vegan blog. Right now I only have a few posts up but when it gets going, it will be a blog full of useful information. I'm planning lots of awesome, original recipes, product reviews, my changes to popular recipes, and more information thrown in with all that. Should be interesting.
In other news, Bob has a few awesome things coming up at school that I'm super excited about. First one being, he got in to the AP (Assistant Principal) Math Club. He had to take a timed test on addition and subtraction facts 1-20 and he passed on the first try! I'm so proud of that kid. He's awesome at math (he says because he has "Math" in his last name) and while it didn't surprise me that he got in on the first try, I was still overwhelmed with joy. I'm so happy for him. His teacher has told us that he's probably the best student in the class in Math and Reading, and that she uses his Science journal as an example for the class. This school has been great for him this year and, as I've said before, he's really, really come into his own.

Now, if that wasn't exciting enough, Bob is also going to be in a play next month. It's called Welcome to the Jungle, which is a retelling of the story The Lion and the Mouse. He doesn't know which part he'll be playing, but they are practicing different plays in his class, so at least he knows what it's about and what to expect. You better believe I'll be there, front and center, with my camera in hand. Can't wait to see my boy in his very first school performance.

Bumpo's birthday is fast approaching. He's only been planning the darn thing since last April so, as you might have guessed, he is counting down the days. This will be the first year he gets to have a party, with kids his own age, and he hasn't let that small fact pass him by. I think we're going to have it at this really cool place in town. It's a huge indoor jungle gym, with slides, swings, and laser tag. It's a place I would have loved as a child. However, it has taken a lot of convincing to get Bumpo to agree to it. He's an outdoor kind of kid. He really wanted to have his party at one of the local parks. But, seeing as this is our unreliable season (as far as weather goes) we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea. While it can be beautiful, sunny and 75 degrees out one day, the next it could be rainy, windy, and 50 degrees (which perfectly describes the last two days actually). Doesn't make it easy to plan activities outside. I think he's happy with the decision now. Then again, it could be that he decided he doesn't really care where the party is, he's just happy he's having one!

Well, I think that's about it on my end. I think I might be coming down with something. I've been super tired all day today and no matter what I do (or how much caffeine I drink) I can't seem to shake it. So, it's off to bed for me.