Monday, February 19, 2007

Finding a Balance

While the last week and a half has been excellent for my creative side (I'm newly addicted to Photoshop), my motherly/wifely duties have gone to pot.

We've eaten out way too many times this week.

I have enough laundry laying around this house to keep the cats in new beds for weeks.

My poor tree hasn't been watered in about two weeks.

My Internet was disconnected (temporarily) today for non-payment.

I fear they're about to do the same with my electric and water.

I still have birthday presents to make room for in Bumpo's room.

Stuff to go through and give to Goodwill.

Not to mention, the all important, bills to pay.

And, most importantly, I'd just about die if anyone was to stop over uninvited right now. I wouldn't be able to let them through the door.

I think it's about time I shut down the computer for a little while and got back into the swing of my stay-at-home duties. Plus, it might keep me from unnecessarily spending any more money on stuff I "need".

So, after today, I will be taking a mini break from this wonderful Apple of mine. I'll be back by next week, hopefully.

See you in a few days, I'm off to make a grocery list and menu for the week. And, for once, actually make the stuff on said menu.


Plastic said...

Just like me - to drop in to say hi right as you go and take a break. Darn. I miss you guys. I am terrible at staying in touch, but i love you guys, and i think of you often. If you happen to get this before next week email me......
catching up is needed.
love and hugs