Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

One of the good things about the food service industry is the freedom to choose your own hours. My dear Tim had the entire day off today, with no interruptions, to spend with the family. It has been a fantastic day.

Tim and I started off the morning (after dropping the boys off at their appropriate schools) going out to breakfast at this awesome little place called The Manatee Cafe. It's actually one of our favorite restaurants in town. They are an almost all vegetarian restaurant and have the best scrambled tofu around. It was so nice to go out to breakfast with my dear husband, and be able to talk to him. just. him. Without the interruption of kids, or the clean-up.

After breakfast we did a little house hunting then ended our date at Barnes and Noble. I could literally spend hours in B&N. There is nothing better than browsing shelf after shelf of unexplored worlds, with a nice soy hot chocolate in hand. This, as well, is so much better when the kids aren't around begging to go to the kids' section, to play with the darn Thomas train, the same train that they already have at home and hardly ever touch.

After we left there, we had to rush over to pick-up Bumpo from school. Then we headed home to wait the painfully long (at least for a five year old) hour for Bob to get home. After he was home we all headed out for our family day.

We first stopped at an awesome place on the beach for a round of miniature golf, then on to Subway for a quick dinner. The perfect kind of Valentine's Day meal when your a kid. And not too bad when you're an adult either.

Now they are both tucked securely into their beds and Tim and I are waiting patiently for their drowsy little bodies to nod off so we can start. . . er. . . . expressing our love, and fulfilling all those Valentine's Day kind of requests.

Hope everyone else had a Very Happy Valentine's Day!

And I'm off to cuddle with that sweet man of mine.