Monday, February 12, 2007

My 100 Things

I love reading these on other peoples' blogs so I figured I'd do my own as well. . .

Just hope I can think of 100 things.

1. The person I call my husband (Tim) isn't really my husband, yet anyway.

2. The reason he isn't truly my husband is because I am still married to my ex.

3. That is about to change, however. Divorce papers have been filed, now they just need to be finalized.

4. I met my current "husband" online.

5. I was living in Ohio at the time and he was living here in Florida.

6. I moved here to be with him after only meeting him one time.

7. I gave birth to my first son (Bob) when I was 18 years old.

8. My family didn't even know I was pregnant with him until about two weeks before he was born, when my mom happened to see me changing clothes in a dressing room at Sears.

9. Scott's (my first husband, Bob's dad) family didn't even know I was pregnant until I was in the hospital giving birth. Even though I had just gone on vacation with them, and wore a bathing suit, about a month prior to that.

10. I secretly worry about favoring one child over the other. So much so, that I probably over compensate.

11. I am grateful my mom saw me that day in Sears. I have no idea why I was worried about telling her, she took the news wonderfully. Even though I know a part of her was very disappointed in me.

12. It tugs at my "guilty mommy strings" when I write a post on here about one child and not the other. I worry I talk about one more than the other.

13. I don't miss my ex, but I do miss his family.

14. I have often wished that I could trade my current in-laws for my ex-in-laws. And still have the same husband, of course.

15. If I could afford to redecorate my house every six months, I would love that.

16. I plan on going back to school once Bumpo starts Kindergarten.

17. A part of me also secretly hopes that a new baby will suspend my dreams of going back to school, until it is in school.

18. I know I'll have another baby at some point in the future, although a part of me worries that the part that "knows" this is just my desire for another baby coming through.

19. I'm totally superstitious.

20. And have had a few psychic experiences.

21. Apparently psychic abilities run in my family.

22. I knew our apartment was going to burn down before it happened. I just didn't know when. I used to have visions and feelings while driving down the road to my apartment of pulling up and seeing the building on fire. Then coming back later and seeing it completely gone, with a park in it's place.

23. I know I sound completely crazy by saying that, but I don't care.

24. I love being a vegan, and never long to eat meat.

25. I feel that moving down here to be with Tim was the best thing I've ever done with my life.

26. I've never been happier than I am right now with my life.

27. I hate doing laundry.

28. I mean absolutely HATE laundry. So much so that at any given time I could easily do 10 loads of laundry and still not be completely caught up.

29. I'm embarrassed about #28. I always keep the clothes hidden in my master closet.

30. You'd never know by looking at the rest of my house that I hide that dirty dark secret.

31. My aversion to laundry drives Tim crazy.

32. I am sometimes embarrassed about being a stay-at-home-mom. Especially around career moms.

33. They make me feel lazy and uneducated.

34. I care way too much about what other people think.

35. Even though I can't stand my in-laws, I want them to like me.

36. I get completely nervous talking to new people.

37. I worry so much about doing something to embarrass myself in front of other people that I won't even dance when Tim and I go to a club.

38. I've never done a single drug in my entire life. Never even smoked a cigarette.

39. I try to be hyper organized and it's driving me nuts right now that I don't have all like items in this list together.

40. I am super hard-headed and have never done anything just because someone else wanted me to.

41. I always have to research everything before I make a decision for myself.

42. This also drives Tim nuts. I did this when he brought up breastfeeding Bumpo.

43. I didn't want to breastfeed Bumpo when he was born because I didn't breastfeed Bob.

44. I ended up breastfeeding Bumpo until he was two.

45. I wish I would have done the same for Bob.

46. I only decided to breastfeed after spending hours online weighing the pros and cons.

47. I hate to admit it, but Tim was right. It's very hard to find any cons to breastfeeding.

48. I have a hard time admitting when anyone (other than myself) is right.

49. I get my feelings hurt easily.

50. My idea of a nice relaxing evening is sitting at home, with the kids in bed, catching up on the shows I have recorded on my dvr.

51. I'm a television junkie.

52. But I hate the term "couch potato" because I am rarely sitting down. I'm usually running around the house getting stuff done while I watch tv.

53. I love to cook but hate the cleaning that goes along with it.

54. It seriously makes me sick to touch food after it's been on a plate that someone has eaten off of.

55. Which is why I make it a rule in this house to rinse your own plate after you're done eating.

56. I usually get one of the kids to rinse my plate for me, because even touching the food on my own plate makes me sick.

57. I'm really not a cat person.

58. If it weren't for my children, I wouldn't have gotten the two cats we have.

59. I never have, and never will scoop a litter box.

60. That is one job that is completely up to my husband. That was our deal when we agreed to get a cat.

61. If it were up to me, and if I could do it without being shredded, I would give the cats a bath every single day.

62. The idea of these cats sleeping on my bed totally grosses me out.

63. I'm the biggest procrastinator ever.

64. I hate that I put everything off until the last minute, especially at the last minute.

65. I've tried to change this about myself on several occasions.

66. Only recently have I been doing much better about it.

67. I hate bugs. Absolutely hate them. In fact, if I see them I'm likely to hyperventilate.

68. One time, when Bumpo was about one, I was standing in the doorway of our apartment with Bumpo in front of me, and a huge palmetto bug flew in. I freaked out so badly, I actually kicked poor Bumpo out the front door. Then, to make matters worse, instead of checking to see if he was okay, I ran to the bedroom and locked myself in there until Tim was able to take care of the bug.

69. That was one of my weaker moments in my bug phobia.

70. I still feel incredibly guilty about that episode.

71. Luckily Bumpo doesn't remember it. However, Tim does, and makes sure to remind me any chance he gets.

72. He thinks it's hilarious.

73. I'm an open book.

74. I'll talk about anything and everything once I get to know someone.

75. I truly believe that even if Tim and I were to split up one day, I'd still call him for sex. He's just that awesome.

76. Tim and I will never separate though.

77. I'm terrified of being cheated on again.

78. My ex (Bob's Dad) cheated on me more than once.

79. Which is what lead to me leaving him.

80. Tim has never cheated on me. And although deep down I know he never will, I still tend to punish him and question him because of my past.

81. Luckily, he understands this. And although he doesn't like it, he lets it slide.

82. I never believed in soul mates until I met Tim.

83. As cheesy as it sounds, he completes me.

84. Bad parents absolutely infuriate me. The idea of any child being hurt or neglected kills me.

85. I know this bothers me more than most because, like so many others out there, I know how hard it can be to have a child.

86. I so love the Dixie Chicks.

87. I'm glad they did so well at the Grammy's this year. Even if it was a political win.

88. I'm about as left leaning as it gets.

89. I really don't understand how anyone can support Bush.

90. I can't even stand to capitalize his name. I do, just because it's proper.

91. I wish I was closer with my brothers.

92. I'm afraid for my youngest brother. I'm worried that if he doesn't get his life straight soon he'll end up dead.

93. I am hyper impatient. "Go with the flow" attitudes drive me nuts.

94. My dear Tim is a "go with the flow" kind of guy.

95. I'm terrified of heights but love to go on roller coasters.

96. I think my fear for heights makes the roller coaster much more exciting.

97. I can't wait until my kids are old enough/tall enough to go to the greatest amusement park ever: Cedar Point.

98. My first husband and I were high school sweethearts, and got married when he was 19, and I was 18. I moved out a year later.

99. I cringe at the idea of the term "high school sweethearts" now.

100. It is super important to me for Bob and my ex (his father) to have a close relationship. They mean the world to each other and I would never want to come between that. In fact, I'd love to be able to call Scott a friend at some point in the future. I can't stand parents who bad mouth their ex in front of their children.


~yolanda said...

So how long have you been vegan?

April said...

I have been vegetarian for almost 7 years and vegan for 4.