Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All I gotta say. . .

. . . Is it better be Sanjaya. If it's Lakisha or Blake, I'm throwing my laptop at the computer!!

Update later, after it's over.


Whew, glad it was him. Although I must admit, when he started crying I got a little teary-eyed myself. He really is a great kid. and, in my opinion, he made the best of a situation he really couldn't control. I'm sure he'll go on and make a killing, even without idol. I forecast that we'll see him in commercials and maybe even hear about him in Broadway. He'd be great in Broadway, he's a natural when it comes to acting.

Lakisha better step it up next week, or I fear she'll be next. And she simply can't go home, I love her, plus she really needs this shot. Plus, with Phil and Chris still in the running, I'll be super upset if she leaves before they do.

Melinda is a great singer and all, but I can't get past how much she looks like Shrek. I almost died tonight when they showed them doing parts from Shrek III, too funny.

Jordin is so adorable. And talk about talented. But, her dad is a freakin' professional football player or something like that, so she really doesn't need this opportunity. Her dad can buy her a record deal! Especially after this, she's famous now!

And Blake, he better at least be in the final two. And, if Lakisha doesn't win, he better. That man is awesome! Not to mention quite fine too.

Well, I'm off to bed. Got a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

G'night all!


Amber said...

I will miss Sanjaya very much. I liked his courage in the face of so much criticism. And he was the only one who looked like he was truly having "fun". Everybody else looks so scared to death; I want to pat them on the back when they sing and say, "relax,'s going to be okay." lol

It's going to be a lot more boring from here on out without Sanjaya, I'm afraid. :(