Monday, April 16, 2007

Too tired to form complete thoughts.

I can so tell it's Monday. I was enjoying my nice weekend, sleeping in, shopping, and doing all the fun stuff I don't usually get to do.

Then, BAM, Monday hit, and I wish I hadn't done a single one. Especially the sleeping in part. It's amazing how fast your body gets used to that kind of rest. So, to take it from having 10+ hours of sleep a night, back to my normal 6 (if I'm lucky) hours was hard. I am dragging today. If I sit on the sofa long enough, I drift off to sleep. Walking through my master bedroom is like torture right now. Nice fluffy bed, 600 thread count sheets, lovely breeze from the open window, the occasional sound of soft rain hitting the ground, all of which equal heavenly sleeping conditions. Except, I can't partake because I fear if I went to sleep now I wouldn't wake until tomorrow.

I have a grocery store to go to. Whoever said that shopping when you're hungry was a bad idea never shopped while tired. Shopping, dead ass tired, is far worse. Instead of buying way too much, you don't buy much at all. You're a woman on a mission; anything that takes longer than five minutes, isn't pre-made, and doesn't come on it's own plate is instantly vetoed. Replaced by highly expensive, sodium filled, flavorless food. It's either that or the local chinese or pizza place already programmed into your phone for reasons just like this one.