Sunday, April 08, 2007

He's been found!!

My dear Bob arrived home this evening. Tim, Bumpo, and I were at Tim's work at the time waiting for him to finish up some paperwork so Scott met us there. I was so happy to see that kid. Now my heart is full again. My Bumpo is happy, and best of all, our tiny apartment is full again!

They are both sleeping soundly (they better be considering the time it is right now), we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We'll be spending our Easter Sunday at Boppa and Yaya's house, celebrating as we always do. Tim has to work in the morning but he should be done by 2:00 tomorrow. Then the festivities will begin. The egg hunt, the Easter baskets, and then a lovely dinner, made by yours truly.

Right now, I am sitting up waiting on 4:00 to roll around so I can wake my dear Timmy. We were up later than we should have been tonight. Especially considering Tim has to be at work at 5:00. Which is why I get the pleasure of staying up now. That way I can make sure Tim is up and ready to go on time tomorrow. There's nothing worse than being in charge of opening, having your crew there waiting, over sleep, and get the store opened late. So for tonight, I'm acting as alarm clock. Good thing about being an alarm clock is that once you've served your purpose, you get the rest of the day to relax!