Saturday, April 14, 2007

Passing word along

document.jpg If you haven't heard about Heather's story, then please go visit her.

While I am not a very religious person, her story has been an amazing inspiration for a lot of people (me included) and it breaks my heart to hear of her problems right now. Especially with everything her poor family has already been through.

There are many situations where I sit here and think "Gee, I wish there was something I could do.", this was no exception. The only difference here is that there really *IS* something I can do to help, that we all can do.

Anyone who's ever had a medical emergency, or even gone through the birth of a child, knows how expensive treatment can be. With Heather, this problem is twice over. Not only does she have her daughter's expenses, but now her own to worry about as well. Now, I happen to think her plate is pretty full at the moment, and as such, I'm passing the news along. Because the last thing Heather needs to worry about right now are financial problems. She needs to focus on beating this thing, nothing more. However, as we all know, doctors are of no help unless you have the money to pay them.

Thanks to BooMama and her wonderfully giving heart, she has set up a "Love on Heather" day. Starting midnight on April 18, you will be able to go to Boomama's site and donate money to Heather. And best of all, 100% of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to Heather and her family.

Join me in making this burden a little less heavy on Heather and her family. My birthday is on April 19, and as such I've decided to forgo my annual birthday dinner at my favorite expensive restaurant, for a simple home cooked meal instead. The money I save, will go directly to Heather. She needs it so much more than I do.


Diane said...

What a beautiful thing to do....isn't this group of blogging women.....incredible!