Monday, April 30, 2007

Photo shoot from today

Well, I left home this afternoon with a low camera battery and an almost full memory card, however I think I did get a few decent shots of the boys.

The one good thing about all this smoke around is that it diffuses the natural sunlight nicely, which is optimal for photo taking sessions.

All in all, I got some nice shots, although I must say, Bob was a lot more cooperative than Bumpo, which clearly shows in the photos. Which also means I'll have to schedule another photo shoot for Bumpo, but for the most part I think Bob's school pictures are done for the year.

Here are some of my favorites for the day:
This is my dear difficult Bumpo, not the best shot ever but defiantly a better one of the day.

This shot is one of my favorites of him from today. Still not the best shot ever, and it needs some retouch work done to it, I need to crop it to remove some of that background. But still a decent shot of the difficult boy.
This shot is by far my favorite from today of him. While it's not really a contender for a decent school photo, I do love the look on his face. You can tell how thoroughly fed up he was with this whole photo idea by this point. Too cute.
Here are some photos of Bob from today. In my opinion, the photos of him are on a completely different level. He was really feeling this whole photography thing today and it shows. Picking three of my favorites of him has proven to be a bit harder. This photo, I absolutely love, although it does need a little lightening, especially around the face area. But for a raw, untouched photo I think it's perfect.
I love the look on Bob's face in this shot. I just wish his eyes were a little more open. He looks so at peace here.
This is by far my favorite shot of the entire day. I love this picture of him. the coloring is perfect, the texture is clear, and Bob just shines in this shot. And look, do you see how darn tan he is, ALREADY!! I'm so jealous!!

All of these photos were (of course) taken by me and cannot be copied without my permission. Feel free to click on them to view in their full sized beauty. And leave a comment, let me know what you think.