Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working. . . or not.

I'm supposed to be at work right now, but my mother-in-law "called in" sick today. It really is just as well though because I was planning on taking the day off anyway. I have a major project to finish for Mrs. Nicki and working for eight hours today just doesn't fit into my plan. Now, just so you know, this post isn't going to be one gigantic rant about how much I hate work and how much I miss being home. Because, that really isn't the case, after all. Sure, I miss my dear boys. And, sure I miss being able to clean the entire house in one day without having to worry about getting enough sleep for work the next morning. And, yes I will admit to having a major breakdown earlier in the week when I found out I wouldn't be there for my dear Bumpo's last day of school because of a class in Jacksonville I have to attend. But, all that aside, and things with work and I are swell.

I am happier now that I have a job, or an outlet if you will. I never really noticed it before, but I was slipping into a dark place inside myself when I was staying at home. My housework was slipping, and the time I spent with the boys was less than special. Now, I have an all new respect for the stay-at-home life, and I long to do it again. . . . Just not now.

My health has also improved. (You many want to turn away now if you're the kind that gets a little squeamish over 'too much information' posts.) For years I've been having a problem with my monthly cycles. Meaning, I wouldn't have them for months at a time. Then, all of the sudden, out of the blue, I'd be soaking up enough blood to make up for the months missed. After a lot of doctors visits, and a few thousand dollars, I was diagnosed with PCOS. However it never seemed to fit right with me. The only symptom I had was missed periods. I didn't have the pain in the abdomen, the diabetes, the cysts, the skin tags, or (thank goodness) the excess of body hair. After a little self diagnosis, I am beginning to realize that my lack of periods was due to depression, (and a serious lack of iron, since I am after all anemic, have been for as long as I can remember) nothing more. For the first time, this month I had a normal period. Right on schedule as the one last month, yet this time it contained a lot less blood, more like a normal cycle. I think my job has had a lot to do with it. I know it sounds strange but hear me out. When I would stay at home, due to our strict budget, I was home-bound most days and didn't get any exercise what-so-ever. Now, with this job, I am standing for at least eight hours a day, slinging boxes twice a week, and probably walking at least a mile a day between all the running around I do at the store, and walking to the restaurant my husband is at, located down the street. It's been great for my health. In fact, I've already come down one pant size.

And if the two paragraphs above weren't enough, I also really love my job. Or, at least part of it. When I get to spend the day in the photo lab it's awesome. I've seen some amazing things, things that I probably wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise. It's also really helped me decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to travel. And maybe, just maybe, when the kids are grown and gone, go on a bike tour of the US. Yeah, I know, strange right?

A couple nights ago two men came into my store and dropped off their digital camera cards, wanting a CD of the contents. Well, as usual, our dear Kodak machines were down, so I took it upon myself to make the CD's for them myself, as this was the last night they were spending in my lovely little town.

Anyway, as I uploaded their images onto the screen, I was confronted with some beautiful shots. Maybe not beautiful in an artsy sense, but beautiful in a much deeper, much more real sense. These two men, had just finished a two month long journey of the southern and eastern portion of this country. They had been to New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and everywhere in-between. Except, instead of using the traditional RV to accomplish such a journey, they rode their bikes. When they weren't riding, they were camping. They saw some amazing things. Things that most people would just pass by and not give a second glance to. In my opinion, they have truly traveled the country. Which is something I'd love to be able to say about myself one day.

Yeah I know, you people out there that know me in real life must think I'm on some seriously good medication. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm not. Now, I know that for me, when it came down to it, I'd probably chicken out. Especially when you take into account my poor sensitive butt, that hurts after being in the nice cushy car too long. Or the idea of spending two months of my life, showering in camp site bathrooms, only when we happen by them. But, the idea is awesome. And, it's an idea I am going to store away, as something to do in the future. . . .the far future, when the kids are gone and it's just Tim and I. . . And the idea of a cruise is a bore because we've already been on them all. . . .And, Europe, Egypt, Japan, China, Australia, and Africa have been visited as well.

Then, just maybe I'll pull this idea out of my big book o' tricks, and Tim and I will set off, with our trusty bikes, onto another journey, another story, another chapter in our lives.