Tuesday, September 11, 2007

difficult time

We are currently up to our necks in medical talk, prescriptions, and home cleansing at the moment.

Remember that strep I got on the way to Ohio? Well, it has hit my little boy and the outcome has not been so great. I was afraid of this happening. Currently, my little boy is fighting to overcome not only strep but also croup, all the while fighting a mad battle with his asthma that is making it impossible for him to breath without a breathing treatment for more than three and a half hours. We're on a mad search to find the best of the best for my dear boy and figure out just what to do about this horrible asthma that has my sweet boy so sick for so much of the time.

So, I'll be away from the computer for a little while as I fight my own battle to keep my dear boy as healthy as possible and out of a hospital room.

I have some great posts planned but they will have to be put on hold until my return. Such things like my brother's beautiful wedding, and a recap of our vacation. So, until then, be well and be happy!