Sunday, September 16, 2007

wedded bliss

It's no secret that my brother and I haven't shared the best relationship in the world. However, one of the great things about growing up is that you begin to value family a lot more than you did before.

That is the case for my brother and I. I've made it clear here and to him how very sorry I am for the things in the past. The things I did when I was just a dumb little kid and didn't truly realize and comprehend the true value of family. And luckily for me, my brother understands this and we are working hard to repair our friendship. Because he is a very important part of my life. A part that I don't want to let go of and see only on holidays or for weddings or funerals. I want my kids to know their uncle and their new aunt. And most of all, I want to know my brother (and new sister).

Being at his wedding was a huge deal to me. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Granted, when I look at him, it's still hard to see the man that stands before me, the man who now has a wife. But, he is grown, and he has grown into a wonderful man. His wedding was beautiful. His bride, my new sister, was gorgeous as well.

They had their wedding on a cute little horse farm in Northeastern Ohio, under a little gazebo with horse fields as their background. The scenery was serene and calm while the sky threatened to open up at any minute with the biggest thunderstorm we'd ever seen. But it didn't rain. It didn't rain for the wedding or for the reception. Short of a few sprinkles here and there the day was dry, until the last dance was danced, and the last call was made. Then the sky opened up, marking the end of a glorious day. Reminding all of us to hold the ones we love a little closer.

I don't think I've ever seen my brother happier than he was on that day. He had this glow about him that he does a good job of hiding most of the time. But on that day, he wore his feelings on his sleeve. There was no doubt that Traci (his bride, my new sister) is the woman of his dreams and making her his wife was exactly what he wanted. Exactly what his heart desired. It was a marvelous day, full of wonderful memories that I will cherish for years to come.

So, congratulations again Deuce (sorry, I mean Larry) and Traci! May you have a wonderful life together full of a million happy memories.

**Oh and, yeah you didn't really think I could blog about a wedding without showing you all how incredibly cute my boys looked during it, did you?!! **