Monday, September 17, 2007

update on the boy

Well, we have FINALLY turned a page. Bumpo's fever seems to be at bay and he even went to school today.

He's still on antibiotics and a decongestant with a breathing treatment about once a day. He's also still coughing like a mad man and still has a frog lodged in his throat but we are making progress.

The doctors have assured and reassured us that as long as he isn't running a fever he can attend school. Which is a huge relief to us since he's already missed so much, not to mention how much work I've missed as a result.

Technically, he still has pneumonia, although it's walking pneumonia. Meaning he'll probably have it for a little while longer but he isn't contagious. We just have to make sure we keep him up to date on his medications so that he's less likely to pick up something else from the germ infested kids around him.

I also need to make sure he rests, as much as possible. Although, I doubt that will be a problem. He's been asleep since about 6:30 this evening and I don't look for him to make a reappearance until tomorrow morning when I have to rouse his sleepy little head to start all over again.