Wednesday, October 31, 2007

and so it ends. . .

For another year.

I have to say, there were many, many Halloween Scrooges out this year. We usually come home with a ton of candy, but this year we struggled to get half a pumpkin full. But, we had fun.

Bumpo made the score of the night when he landed $20,which was by pure chance, and luck. It just happened to be right there in front of him, on the ground. So, after he did a little asking around, I let him keep it. I'm pretty sure he's already planned how to spend it tomorrow at Target, which is where I've been informed he'll be taking me after school.

Sadly, Bob was unable to join us on the festivities tonight. He found himself home-bound with an injured Tim instead. We had been asking him for over two weeks to clean his room (it's terrible, can't even walk in there without stepping on something), all the while he ignored us. So, on Sunday we told him that he had until Tuesday to get it clean or he wasn't going trick-0r-treating. Well, the days passed by and he didn't lift a finger so, yesterday he was informed of his fate, much to his surprise, we weren't kidding when we set the consequence.

I'm sure he thinks he'll be able to snatch a few things from his brother. Little does he know that there is no way in hell I'm going to let that happen. Talk about having your little brother do the dirty work for you!!

Okay, well, that's the update from this end. I'm going to get off of here, straighten up my kitchen, and cuddle with that husband of mine while I find a way to get a good, restful night's sleep tonight, something that has been escaping me as of late.