Saturday, October 27, 2007

spooky fun

**UPDATED: Now with cute photos!**

So, I've talked about Christmas, and I've talked about Thanksgiving, but I haven't really uttered a word about the fastly approaching "holiday". A day that is always a big deal around here. A day that my dear sons anticipate for weeks upon weeks in advance. Something about making sure they have the absolute best costume ever, which always means lots of blood, lots of accessories (in their case, that means weapons), and lots of gore. And, of course, I'm talking about Halloween.

So anyway, as I've said before, I have this tendency to. . . . over do it. . . . when it comes to the planning stage of things. As you recall, I had my heart set on what I wanted both boys to be this year. We're talking costumes all ready to go in an online shopping cart, make-up to accompany said costumes bought, and a spot picked out on the bookcase for the trophies after we won the local costume contest. But then my little boys, who got minds of their own sometime during the past year, intervened and we had to start from scratch.

So, in an effort to loosen the noose heartstrings, I decided to let them choose what they wanted to be this year, and from now on. This is what I learned in my effort to do so. . . .

My dear boys, they aren't as . . . . decision oriented as I am. After spending about four hours in this awesome Halloween store (which, by the way, is located about an hour away) with them, trying to get them to decide what THEY wanted to be, we walked away with nothing. Which, while good for my checkbook, was terrible for my headache. So, the next day we headed to our local Target so they could once again parooze the ever dwindling supply there. Again, after about two hours of feeling ever so claustrophobicly contained to two aisles, I finally had to tell them to choose, or they were both going to go as dead cheerleaders (which, is an awesome idea if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, at their ages, nothing is worse than having to dress up like a girl, even on Halloween. Not to mention how I'm not quite sure how I would have ever found a book to go with that idea. Ah, one day they will realize their mother's brilliance. One day.) So, after about another twenty minutes of them bickering about who was going to be what, they both walked away with vampire costumes.

Finally a decision was made. And, while I have to say, it devastates that small part of me who really wanted them to be the Pinocchio and wizard I had planned, and the idea of them both going as the SAME thing, is a little too cutesy for me, I'm proud of myself. I let them choose, and did not interfere at all. Because seriously, it's a sad, sad thing that I felt the need to interfere to begin with. Plus, they are happy with their choices, and that makes everything worth it.

Last night was the annual Halloween party that we always attend. And they both got to try out their new costumes. And, my word, they were adorable. Bob, did a great job at getting the scary side of a vampire across, he really got into the part. And can I just say now that my boy is really growing up! Meanwhile, Bumpo just looked so darn innocent and cute in his costume you couldn't help but laugh, especially with all his adorable freckles peaking through the pound of make-up on his beautiful face. Great fun was had by all (especially in the haunted house), and we walked away from another party with our stomachs uncomfortably full, a bag full of too much sugar, and little toys that I will be stepping on until sometime next year.

So, while we may not be winning any costume contests this year, I did overcome a big hurdle for myself. I knew letting these darn kids grow up, and make decisions for themselves wasn't going to be easy, and it's not. But nothing ever prepared me for how proud of them I would feel, when they voiced their opinions for the first time. When THEY actually had the nerve to stand up to their mom and tell her to back off, that they were deciding. That since they had to wear the darn costume, they got to choose it.

It was just a beautiful moment, y'all.