Friday, October 05, 2007

two by two

So, it's been raining for like eighty-trillion days straight here and things have become a bit. . . soggy, to say the least.

**Hold on one sec, have something stuck under the keyboard (chip crumbs probably) and it's making it super hard to put spaces between my words. Must fix**

Okay, much better. Now, where was I?? Oh yes, the rain. How could I have possibly forgotten?!!

So yeah, it's been raining, a LOT. I think I even saw animals beginning to line up two by two on my way to work this morning.

We've got flooding all around town and some schools have even closed down this week. Not my childrens' school though, thank goodness. Roads around here have taken turns closing down and most of downtown is under water and completely inaccessible. Which means, getting anywhere around here takes at least fifteen minutes longer as travelers try to navigate newly planned paths to their destinations. Traffic is a mess.

And, if that added stress isn't enough, we're also dealing with Red Tide. Which, as I'm sure you can imagine, is playing hell with Bumpo's asthma. The poor kid literally comes home from school and falls asleep. Only to be forced awake for dinner, and then he's back to sleep right after that. He's been running a fever off and on all week and his breathing has been a little rough. The poor kid needs a break.

But, that's not all. Due to all the rain, and the fact that we live on the bottom floor of our apartment complex, we have a puddle in our dining room. Yep, you read right, one giant squishy puddle that has been oozing water from some unknown source (probably a crack in the cement under the carpet) for days now. We've been steam cleaning like mad to keep up with it, but unfortunately, the apartment complex says there isn't much they can do until the rain lets up a bit, long enough to allow the ground time to dry out. So they can then seal the crack and then they are planning on just steam cleaning the carpet. Yep, you read right, steam clean, that's it! Which isn't going to fly with us. Between the bathroom closet leak, that went undetected for weeks, causing it to seep down the walls and into the carpet, and the puddle in the in the dining room, the mold factor is too high in this place. I'm not about to risk Bumpo's heath, and cause him to have even more breathing problems. If they don't agree to replace our carpet, then they will be letting us out of our lease. It's as simple as that. Bumpo's heath isn't worth the cheap rent and ideal location.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back on the steam cleaner and get much up as I can while there is a break in the weather.