Sunday, November 11, 2007

have I mentioned how much I love that man

My husband has an eye for the finer things in life. This usually isn't a problem. He works hard, and I don't see anything wrong with him indulging in those finer things, when the money is there.

However, this time of year it proves to be a huge issue with us. See, I love Christmas shopping, and I love getting people what they want most on their lists. However, since we have such a long list to shop for, money gets stretched a bit tight, mainly because of our dear children.

So, when all you hear month after month, is how he really wants a PS3 or an iPhone, or a new Mac Powerbook, or that shiny new gold brick, it gets me down. I know what our budget for the holidays are this year, and in order to get Tim even two things off his list, it would require me to go way OVER budget, or seriously cut back on the rest of the family. None of which I want to do because, on top of getting people what they want, I like to get them a lot of stuff. That way they aren't left sitting there on Christmas morning after they've opened their ONE gift, while the rest of us continue to open.

So, last night I sat down with that awesome husband of mine and explained my dilemma to him. And how horrible I was feeling because he is always an impossible person to shop for. I end up feeling like I didn't get him enough, or that I just got him mediocre stuff because most of his list is still left unchecked.

He, of course, being the wonderful man he is, felt horrible that I had been feeling this way. So he instantly began to write out his list for this year. And while there were some very pricey items on the list, there were also just as many easily obtainable items as well.

Then I came to the last item on his list. . . .

Hot Chocolate on Christmas Morning with the Family.

Something so simple, so easy, and so incredibly innocent. It made my heart melt. Sometimes I forget that with this husband of mine, while his wish list may be expensive, it's still the simple things that mean the most to him.

I tell ya, I don't know what I did to get so lucky.