Sunday, November 04, 2007

i hate cats

Today sucks. Big rotten monkey balls, sucks.

And, it's not even 10:00 in the morning, yet.

I awoke this morning with the awful stench of cat poop cat-gone-wrong filling my nostrils. Come out to find that sometime during the night one of these dear cats had diarrhea all over the SIDE of their litter box, on to the floor. ::sigh::

With no time to clean it then (Tim was due to be at work in six minutes) it was put on hold until our return. Now, the litter box is not my department what-so-ever. I absolutely refuse to go near the thing. So, the nine year old Bob VOLUNTEERED to clean it up.

I think I had something to do with that turn of events, however. Especially since I was walking around here, freaking out over the stench and the fact that I would not only have to clean up that mess, but well. . . my own vomit if I had to deal with it. And in doing so, I might have muttered something about how much I hate these damn animals and how we are SO getting rid of their disgusting little bodies. And that I swear, the next time I wake up to something like this, I'm promptly throwing their little butts out, into the FREEZING COLD (Yeah, did I mention we live in Florida).

You know, the type of mom babble that really means nothing, but just makes you feel better.

So yeah, that's how my day started.

I haven't even told you about the fact that I now need a new vacuum cleaner, it's a long gross story. Lets just say that you should never let a nine year old clean up a gross mess. Even if it means sparing yourself from the gruesome task. Because seriously, it's so much easier to clean it off of a litter box and floor, than a vacuum.

Or that my boys are all screwed up from the time change last night and now they are walking terrors.

Or that my house now smells like freakin' litter dust, even though it's not supposed to because the box clearly states, in BIG GIGANTIC LETTERS that it is in fact, dust free. So, then tell me, powers that be, why is it that every time I cough I get the distinct taste in my mouth of dusty litter? And why is my mouth dry? Or is it all just my imagination? Hell, at this point I don't really know.

Oh, and I also haven't mentioned the fact that I get to deal with my mother-in-law today.

Or that I have to work until nine tonight. And that today is the worst day of the week, thanks to Digital Sundays. Which is a huge joke, and full of people who just want free stuff, all the while asking incredibly stupid questions that my five year old knows the answer to.

Oh, and I still need to straighten up around here, get ready for work, get the kids fed, and go grocery shopping for something for dinner and lunches tomorrow. You know, I really need to make a menu for the week so I'm not running to the store every. single. day. Let me just add that to the list.

The good news: I got an extra hour of sleep. Woohoo for the time change. (and yes, you don't need to point out that I just contradicted myself. See: time change - good for me, bad for the kiddos.)