Wednesday, November 14, 2007

in-law drama

So, I tried to be the better person. I tried, I really, REALLY did. I e-mailed her, invited her, shared my menu with her, and even thought of something she could do to help. She's all about helping, about being a part of the event.

Stupid, stupid me.

She called a few hours after I sent said e-mail to tell me that she would not be attending. On the surface, sounds like great news, right? Oh no, not with his mom. It's the holidays, which means she has to create some form of drama.

Remember Tim's long lost relative, who just died? Well, turns out, Debby is going to use his death to try and reign her son in, once and for all.

So anyway, she calls me, and has the nerve to tell me that she will not be attending because Shirley (the wife of the man who died) really wanted everyone down there for Thanksgiving, since this would be her first alone. . . . . Completely understandable, Tim and I would no doubt be there. However, before I could say those words, she continues. . . . . "So, I'm sure Tim would want to be there for that. You can deal with him being gone for one Thanksgiving, couldn't you?!"

Ummm, what??? No sorry, it's a holiday and as such I'd like to spend it with my HUSBAND, and I'm sure he'd like to be here with his KIDS! So I tell her as much, she gets all huffy and has the nerve to tell me that she'll just talk to Tim about the matter because clearly I'm too selfish to think about anyone other than myself.

So, I talk to Tim, (poor guy, always in the middle of this mess) and tell him about my confrontation with his mother. He then hatches a beautiful plan. See, the reason why his mom wants to go down there to begin with is to get Tim to herself but at the same time leave Steve (her soon to be ex, the kid's Boppa) alone on Thanksgiving.

I told you she was wonderful,didn't I?!!

Tim is going to tell her that we've already made plans with Steve. That we didn't think it was very nice or fair of her to try to make it so he was alone, that the kids would hate the idea of Boppa being alone on a holiday. So, we'll be here, with Boppa (who is the better one of the two) celebrating while she's far, far away. By herself. Leaving us with an awesome carefree, stress free Thanksgiving.

The only part that sucks is Shirley. The one who really needs family at this time. I know, without a doubt, that she invited all of us to attend, not just Tim and Debby. She told us as much when we were down there for the funeral. If it wasn't for Steve being alone, we'd go down there by ourselves.

Suddenly I feel like singing this song I know, a song about a witch, being dead. You know the one, from the Wizard of OZ??

This is definitely going on my top ten list for things to be thankful for this year.


Amber said...

Well, for what it's worth, sounds like you're doing the right thing. Hang in there. Good for you and Tim. Don't feel bad about Shirley; why not schedule a visit to see her after the holidays? She might like to see you guys apart from the rest of the family. I imagine she's feeling lonely and not just on Christmas, you know?

Amy said...

Why do family issues always exponentially increase around the holidays? Good for you, you're doing fine!